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早期基础教育体系 (EYFS)

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This item contains 2 Assignments
  • 早期基础教育体系 (EYFS) 3 - 身体发育
  • 早期基础教育体系 (EYFS) 6 - 数学

Behaviour Management

To create an environment in the early years setting where everyone feels happy, safe and secure and each person is treated fairly, it is important that behaviour is managed in a positive way. This module contains c... [read more]

Child Development

Understanding how children develop is important background context for early years practitioners. This module consists of eight separate courses, each around 30 minutes long, with multiple choice questions to check un... [read more]

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework is the guidance document that early years practice in the UK is based on. It provides insight on what is needed to keep children safe, healthy and progressing well ... [read more]

Parent Partnerships

Every good early years setting will be committed to building strong parent partnerships, by encouraging parents to contribute to their child’s learning journey and to share news and observations from home. This course... [read more]

儿童发育 第 (CD)

了解儿童如何发展是早年从业者的重要背景背景 [read more]

早期基础教育体系 (EYFS)

早期基础教育体系 [read more]